MICRO USB 2.0 Bead Bracelet

KIDS Losing their Phone Chargers all the time?  Or tired of carrying the phone charger with you all the time? FRET NO MORE. 

This convenient MICRO USB 2.0 Bead Bracelet. 

  • FASHIONABLE 3-IN-1 FOR iPHONE as well as ANDRIOD users
  • Creative USB Charging Cable + Data Transmission Line + Bead Bracelet = 3 in 1
  • Very easy to use and wearable on all occasions, purely CONVENIENT, SIMPLE and FUN for EVERYONE!
  • Hyperbolic Ergonomic Design. Each bracelet charger uses simple hypoid ergonomic design, very BEAUTIFUL and COMFORTABLE to wear
  • Made of high quality smooth Beads,  double-group electric core and zinc alloy
  • SERVICE LIFE 2-3 TIMES as long as normal data cable,
  • Length is 23.7cms.