STARSKY Temperature Mood Ring

Titanium Steel Thermometer Mood Rings for Women & Men. Chic & Innovative!

The Thermometer Titanium Steel Mood Ring has a casual yet sporty design and is highly suitable when you are looking to buy mood ring thermometer for everyday use, or use them as mood wedding rings. It is made with premium grade materials. This temperature ring is a waterproof classic band which is made with high-resolution liquid crystal thermometer that displays baseline temperature readings when worn on your finger. 

The Thermometer Stainless Steel gold mood ring stones can help to let you know when you are stressed.

  • Novel, intelligent, cutting-edge ergonomic design
  • Chic, unisex and suitable for all occasions band mood ring
  • Surface width: 0.31" (8mm)
  • 100% high grade titanium steel in the inner arc. Does not oxidize or corrode. Keeps its luster for life
  • Ultra touch and heat sensitive liquid crystal on the outer layer
  • Fun and playful substitute for a wedding band or as couple rings
  • Touch and watch the temperature readings. Cheap mood ring temperature chart displays temperature in digital numbers
  • Temperature sensing range in Celsius from 36-39°
  • No batteries required


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