HappyFEET Silicone Heel Inserts


Say goodbye to blisters, painful heels and uncomfortable steps! 😯 Suffer no more with HappyFeet shoe inserts for heel!

HappyFeet insert helps give relief for your overall foot pain. Gel shoe inserts for heels are designed to to keep your heel protected and comfortable.

Everyone loves getting new shoes, but the one downside to breaking in a new pair without heel cushion inserts is the likelihood of forming blisters. The worst is when not using arch support inserts on a new pair of heels and doing a whole lot of activity in them! Ouch!!

4 Gel Heel Inserts BRISTLE SIZES to Choose From

Product Features: 

  • This heel gel insert is made of high grade silicone gel, for super soft and comfortable feel
  • High heels insert provides pain relief and comforts your feet. Best shoe inserts for effectively preventing blisters and keeping your feet happy
  • Washable and reusable heel silicone inserts and does not effect stickiness
  • Suitable for all closed heel shoes


Sizes Explained Base Thickness (cms) Bristle Thickness (cms)
Small 0.2 0.15
Medium 0.38 0.15
Large 0.5 0.25
Xtra Large 0.6 0.35


Package contents:

1 Pair X HappyFEET Silicon Inserts