CHEFgrade Thermodynamic Rapid Defrosting Tray

Thaw your Frozen Food with the Quickest and Healthiest Way of Defrosting and Preserving all its flavors and goodness. 

Bring this Professional Chef Favorite Tool home.


How CHEFgrade Trays Work

The CHEFgrade Thermodynamic Rapid Defrosting Tray is an extremely efficient conductor of heat. This design concept allows you to quickly thaw your frozen food. Our trays achieve a high-speed of heat exchange due to the special aluminum alloy which, has a thermal conductivity of 20,000 times more than ordinary metals. Apparently, heat at one part of the metal rapidly moves through it. 

This causes it to heat up quickly and also cool off quickly and results in your food being defrosted quicker and more evenly.

Defrost Your Food 8x Faster

The defrosting tray can defrost your food up to 8 times faster than at room temperature. However, defrosting time varies and is dependable on the thickness of the item. 

No more need for Electricity or Water to thaw your food

Unlike the microwave or hot water that partially thaw or might invite bacterial development on your food during the defrosting process, the CHEFgrade Rapid Defrost Tray defrosts your food safely and quickly.  The tray has been built with a silver-ion antibacterial coating, is made from non-toxic materials, and is food safe and convenient for everyday use. 

The  CHEFgrade Rapid Defrost Tray stays cool throughout its use.  Easy to use, no pre-heating or hot water is required. Simply place frozen food onto the tray and it will defrost up faster than at room temperature

 The thawing speed using the quick thawing plate is 5.6 times the thawing speed of the common ceramic ware



Easy to clean

This Tray features grooves that allow liquid from frozen food to be easily drained away.  Simply place a piece of kitchen roll underneath the tray to catch it. The non-stick surface is very easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. Easy to carry, easy to use lightweight design, defrosted water can be discharged along the groove to keep your kitchen clean.


Suitable for defrosting various frozen food: 

  1. Red Meat (steak, mince, sausages, chops, pork) 
  2. Poultry (turkey, chicken, duck)
  3. Fish (white fish, salmon, shrimp)
  4. Vegetable
  5. Fruits
  6. Deserts

chicken, fish, steak, mince, sausages, chops, pork, vegetables, desserts,  fruits, pre-made meals, shrimp, and other defrosted foods. 



Package Contents

1 X Select CHEFgrade Thermodynamic Rapid Defrosting Tray + or - corner protectors