Balinese Bliss Cat Head Massager

A Cat Head scratcher and massager your kitty will love! Want To Be Your Cat's Favorite Human? 

Give Your Fur Ball A Relaxing Massage After A Long Hard Day Of Being A Cat!

Kitty massager with an instantly relaxing "Kneading Massage" effect!
  • Cat massage roller stimulates deep tissue massage increases circulation of blood and lymph systems and helps eliminate toxins
  • Imitates human fingers, strengthens bond and trust with your pet
  • Gentle massage can reduce aggression and unwanted behaviors
  • Cat face massage roller improves coat quality & hair vitality
  • Lose fat and fights cat obesity
  • Relieves stress
  • Provides comprehensive care
  • Cat paw massager can distract your cat while its nails are being trimmed 
  • Cat face massager is great for calming nervous cats as “feel good” neuro-transmitters dopamine and serotonin are released in the process of being massaged


This automatic cat massager electric can be used on the head, back, or even on their tummy. Helps you to bond with your cat in a special way!

Best Cat Massager Head Product Features

  • A total of 76 massage trigger points with Four-wheel rotary motion
  • Simple one button control with multiple modes - Low Speed, Fast Speed and Reverse Motion
  • Shallow mouth silicone massage head, does not tangle pet hair
  • USB fast charging
  • Compact size and travel friendly
  • Three massage modes: slow, fast, reverse massage.
  • Portable & Travel friendly. Easy to carry around. 

Technical Specifications: 

  • Material: ABS and rubber (non-toxic, tasteless, durable)
  • Powerful Copper Motor, Applied strength of up to 10kgs
  • Available in three Color options: White, Pink & Blue
  • Power: 220V to 3.5V or 3 AA batteries (this does not include batteries)
  • Suitable for: dogs, cats and other pets' hair (not suitable for small pets such as hamsters)
  • Product Weights: 600 gms

Package Contents

1 x Cat Massage Tool
1 x Manual in English 
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Charging Base