Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner

If a SPOTLESS CAR is your JAM, this Handheld Wireless Car Vacuum is for YOU!

Food crumbs, dirt from the shoes or allergens making it into your car? Hardy winters or Hot Summers forcing car windows shut? Another reason why it’s good to have a clean car — both inside and out — is because of the effect that it has on health and your day-to-day mood.

Whether you are having a hard time removing the food that fell in between your seats or you are an UBER driver who needs to keep your car clean for passengers, this Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner is for you! It gets all of the dirt from everyday messes and outdoor adventures quickly and effortlessly.

Wireless, Portable and Convenient!

Product Features: 

  • Aircraft alloy fuselage, high-quality aviation alloy that is durable and resistant to impact and innovative wireless technology
  • Three power batteries and triple battery life. Depending on the usage, one charge can be used about 7 times
  • Alloy motor and pure copper core, strong wind and no excessive heat
  • Detachable Dust Cup
  • The HEPA filter prevents secondary pollution
  • Washable filter, can be used repeatedly without replacement
  • Vacuum maintenance extremely easy and convenient
  • Works effectively for both wet and dry dirt and even gets your ashtray
  • Get rid of germs, bacteria, and other allergens that might be harboring on your car seats, backrest or carpets by vacuuming your car regularly
  • Offers strong, non-bulky suction for the best maneuverability motor and metal turbine
  • Generous capacity of the trash container, auto-shut-off lid, and design for maximum ease of use.
    Small cleaning brush included so you never have to get your hands dirty while cleaning your filter!


Technical Specifications:

Height:  25.3cm
Width: 6 cm
Weight:  813 gms
Battery Capacity:  6000 mAH
Suction:  5000Pa Powerful Suction
Speed:  44000r/min
Charging time:  About 3 - 3.5 hrs
Dust holder capacity:  60 ml. Detachable Dust cup
Noise <75dB
Battery Duration:  About 18min
Charging port:  Type-C interface
External Testing Certification:  ROHS




Package Contents: